Nether adds creature mode and crafting, gets discounted

4 Feb 2014 by Tim McDonald
Nether adds creature mode and crafting, gets discounted


Early Access “urban survival” thing has just received a rather large patch, direct to its nethers. In celebration of this fact, the game itself is 25% off on both Steam and until 7 February (Friday).

The newest features for the DayZ-alike include a crafting system that’ll let you create items or trade materials for supplies, a Creature Mode that lets players “morph into nethers and use their stalking skills to terrorize the streets”, and a bunch of new in-game items, like a biker suit. By the end of February, the game will apparently also have a tribe system “featuring tribe bases, a tribe skill tree and tribe objectives.” Neat.

If you fancy playing with your Nether(s), you can hop onto the Early Access now for £11.24, or opt for one of the more expensive editions which give you all sorts of goodies.

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