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League of Legends 4.2 update – Champion changes, reworks and more

11 Feb 2014 by Paul Younger
League of Legends 4.2 update – Champion changes, reworks and moreleague of legends

league of legends

The 4.2 update notes have dropped and as usual RIOT continue to tweak and improve the game.

Points to note in this update include more improvements to “visual fidelity” which means updated ability icons and particle updates. RIOT are also continuing their work on the vision system with more improvements on that due in future updates. Mini-map visual bugs are being sorted but that will also take time to completely fix.

The repair system will now also delete any third-party mods that cause the client to crash and there’s a warning to “be careful” with this from RIOT.

As far as champions are concerned, Xerath is getting completely reworked along with Skarner who’s changes are slightly less far reaching. There’s also the usual slew of champion tweaks to digest on the notes page and RIOT’s thinking behind all the changes is as follows:

Looking at the overall content of this update, our goal is to create healthier gameplay patterns with champions who are particularly strong. Look at Kayle or Riven and you can see more optimal ways to play as (and against) them. At the end of the day, some of these changes are nerfs, but hopefully you’ll try to understand them (and try them out!) first.

No doubt there will be the usual debates about the changes so soak it all up.

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