Jagex unveils first two Transformers Universe-exclusive bots

28 Feb 2014 by Tim McDonald
Jagex unveils first two Transformers Universe-exclusive botstransformers universe

transformers universe

RuneScape developers have released a pair of videos showing off two bots exclusive to their forthcoming browser-based multiplayer thing, .

The first video shows off Meltdown, an Autobot combat medic with all sorts of beams and rockets that hurt and heal in equal measure. The second video focuses on Duststorm, a Decepticon with a load of precision weaponry ranging from dual pistols to a sniper rifle. Except they’re not actually pistols because they’re actually built into her hands, but you know what I mean.

Transformers Universe is described as a MOTA – a Massively Online Tactical Action game. I’m not quite sure what that means, but it looks sort of like a big online third-person shooter? I guess? It’s due to launch this year, so I imagine we’ll find out a lot more before long.

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