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Grim Dawn Act 2 released – Now on Steam

26 Feb 2014 by Paul Younger
Grim Dawn Act 2 released – Now on SteamGrim Dawn

Grim Dawn

Crate Entertainment has been busy getting  Act 2 ready for release and the good news this evening for anyone with Early Access is the client should now be updated to include the all the new content in Act 2.

Called Old Arkovia, the update brings the gameplay time up to 20+ hours and players will be taking on the Four Hills Gang led by infamous murderer, Darius Cronley. Players will move through the undercity of Old Arkovia to reveal story behind the demise of the city.

New Features of Act II:

  • Venture through 10+ hours of new content .
  • Descend into the challenge dungeon, “Steps of Torment.”
  • Explode obstacles with dynamite and repair structures to open paths.
  • Test your hero against 10 new enemy-types and 23 bosses.
  • 35 character levels and 106 new items.

The third act is expected to launch this year and will include an emphasis on faction-based gameplay but new content in Act 2 should keep players happy for a while. More quests, areas and crafting recipes will be added in the weeks and months ahead by Crate and we’ll let you know when these are added to the game.

We recommend you check this ARPG out, it’s really rather good and can be picked up from Steam now


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