Evolve’s official trailer shows very little actual gameplay

11 Feb 2014 by Tim McDonald
Evolve’s official trailer shows very little actual gameplay

Sir Hammerlock, Billy Gibbons, Marcus Fenix, and Sergeant Calhoun walk into a forest…

and 2K have released a two-minute trailer of their forthcoming 4v1 shooter , set to the strains of a cover of Danzig’s Mother.

As you might expect, this trailer shows a squad of four – including someone with the most impressive beard this side of War of the Vikings – traipsing carefully through a forest. And then a giant, pissed-off, fire-breathing monstrosity greets them with one of the following: hugs! Kittens! Attempted murder! (It’s attempted murder.)

From what I can tell this trailer doesn’t actually contain any gameplay footage, but it does appear to be using the in-game models so you can at least see how it looks. As far as not-actual-gameplay trailers go this is really rather good, and it makes me want to have a crack at the game myself. I rather like the idea of either playing a terrified squad member in first-person or a hostile behemoth in third-person, if I’m honest.

Evolve is due out this autumn. You can pre-order it for inevitable bonuses right now.

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