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Evolve’s official trailer shows very little actual gameplay

11 Feb 2014  by   Tim McDonald
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Sir Hammerlock, Billy Gibbons, Marcus Fenix, and Sergeant Calhoun walk into a forest…

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K have released a two-minute trailer of their forthcoming 4v1 shooter Evolve, set to the strains of a cover of Danzig’s Mother.

As you might expect, this trailer shows a squad of four – including someone with the most impressive beard this side of War of the Vikings – traipsing carefully through a forest. And then a giant, pissed-off, fire-breathing monstrosity greets them with one of the following: hugs! Kittens! Attempted murder! (It’s attempted murder.)

From what I can tell this trailer doesn’t actually contain any gameplay footage, but it does appear to be using the in-game models so you can at least see how it looks. As far as not-actual-gameplay trailers go this is really rather good, and it makes me want to have a crack at the game myself. I rather like the idea of either playing a terrified squad member in first-person or a hostile behemoth in third-person, if I’m honest.

Evolve is due out this autumn. You can pre-order it for inevitable bonuses right now.

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  1. Avatar of

    Nice OST.
    Game iotself reminds me a mix between gears of war and borderland

    February 11, 2014 at 3:43 pm

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