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EA snubs PC with 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

7 Feb 2014 by Peter Parrish
EA snubs PC with 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
FIFA 2014 World Cup

To be honest it looks quite hard to see the flow of the game from this camera setting.

Are you excited about the World Cup in Brazil? Were you hoping to perhaps play the inevitable FIFA 2014 spin-off World Cup game? Well, if that plan included a PC then there’s some bad news. ’ snappily titled will only be released on Xbox 360 and PS3.

EA can’t seem to decide how they want to treat the PC where FIFA is involved. For FIFA 2014, we got the version with the older game engine because EA didn’t think enough prospective FIFA PC players would have machines capable of handling the Ignite engine used for Xbox One and PS4 versions. Now, the PC seems to be considered “next gen” by EA, in the sense that the Xbox One and PS4 aren’t getting the World Cup release either.

It’s all quite strange, and suggests this release miiight have the whiff of cash-in about it.

Guess we’ll just have to mod the World Cup squads into the PC version of FIFA 2014 and hold our own version of the tournament.

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