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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls beta and PTR shut down tonight

24 Feb 2014 by Paul Younger
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls beta and PTR shut down tonightDiablo3 Reaper of Souls

Diablo3 Reaper of Souls

Like a bolt out of the blues, Blizzard has announced that they will shut down the Reaper of Souls beta test tonight. The PTR servers will also be shutting down.

The announcement comes via a forum post and it’s being closed down so they can push out the 2.0.1 patch for the game.

In preparation for the launch of patch 2.0.1, the Reaper of Souls™ Beta and Patch 2.0.1 PTR servers will be brought offline this evening at 5:00 p.m. PT. At that time, players will no longer be able to log in to the Beta or PTR client, all Beta and PTR accounts (including character information) will be reset, and both our Beta forums and PTR forums will be marked as read-only.

We’d like to thank everyone who has participated in the Reaper of Souls Beta and Patch 2.0.1 PTR. You’ve done an amazing job of testing, and we greatly appreciate all of the feedback you provided during this critical phase of development.

We look forward to releasing patch 2.0.1 to public shortly and encourage everyone to stay tuned to this website for exciting news and updates regarding the upcoming launch of Reaper of Souls!

There’s not been much notice but as the core game needs to be updated to 2.0.1 it’s better to get that ready and live well before the Reaper of Souls release on 25 March.

There’s a poll up and running on Diablo: IncGamers which asks participants what they thought of the test so go check that out if you took part.

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