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Deus Ex: The Fall appears to be bound for PC

25 Feb 2014  by   Peter Parrish
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deus ex the fall (2)

It’s canon for everything in this version of the Deus Ex universe to have a golden haze.

There was much lamenting (not least from myself) when the teaser for Deus Ex: The Fall turned out to hyping a bloody iOS game, but that title does now appear as if it’ll get a PC release too. A fellow going by the name of DevinWatson has been combing through some Steam files and found live links to various Deus Ex: The Fall shots hosted on Valve’s platform.

You can (for the time being) view a logo image and an in-game screenshot. The same screenshot can be seen above. Steam lists the app as number “258180” which steamdb.info confirms is a real application, but one that is currently “unknown.” However, it was also updated one day ago, which would be consistent with the appearance of these images.

Obviously a few changes would have to be made to spruce up The Fall from iOS title to full-fledged PC game, but a version at 60fps (or more) with a proper field of view, improved textures and (if we’re making a wishlist) expanded levels, would be pretty welcome.

Deus Ex: The Fall follows the activities of Ben Saxon, a former SAS mercenary who was first featured in the 2011 spin-off novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect.

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