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Arma 3 gets Zeus DLC trailer – Control the battlefield

13 Feb 2014 by Paul Younger
Arma 3 gets Zeus DLC trailer – Control the battlefieldArma 3

Arma 3

Bohemia Interactive are set to release the Zeus DLC some time in the second quarter of this year bringing more free content to players of the military sim.

This DLC is something slightly different with players taking on the role of Game Master to watch over and command other players in battle.

Players can control the action from a bird’s-eye view via a real-time editor providing a dynamic experience for those taking part in the battle on the ground. This mode works with all the multiplayer game types including Deathmatch, Sector Control, and the Zueus Game Master to create objectives, spawn units and guide players across the game’s massive map.

“The best thing about Arma 3 Zeus is how naturally it fits within the game. Dynamic combat, massive islands, and editing features – it was all there. But now we’ve added an interface which gives players full control over the multiplayer experience”, said Zeus’ Design Lead Karel Moricky. “The Zeus system is pretty modular too, so community creators can easily use it in their missions. Or take it apart and turn into something completely different. There are no rules, only those you make yourself.”

A live stream of the mode in action is planned for Saturday, February 15th, at 17:00 UTC where Zeus’ Design Lead Karel Moricky and Arma 3’s Creative Director Jay Crowe will be demonstrating the new mode for the first time.

This sounds like a really great addition to the game and you can see it in action through the new trailer and shots below.

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