Valve to release VR SDK at Steam Dev Days next week

9 Jan 2014 by Paul Younger
Valve to release VR SDK at Steam Dev Days next weekValve VR

Valve VR

has stormed into the new year with their Steam Machines and there’s more to come with ’s Steam Dev Days event takes place next week on 14-15 January in Seattle.

It’s common knowledge that Valve has been tinkering with the VR technology for some time and next week they are to reveal a VR SDK for game developers.

Currently there are not that many games that feature native VR support but Valve are keen to push it as indicated by the recent addition of a VR category on Steam. Currently there are only ten titles listed.

Valve designer Brian Coomer told the BBC that they are “days away” from releasing a VR development kit which will help developers create a standard interface for VR controllers.

In typical Valve fashion they’re not jumping in bed with any one manufacturer such as Oculus but instead have been working with numerous companies. Coomer added: “There’s also technology in development at Valve based around head-tracking and headset manufacture and design.”

The VR SDK will come as part of a “tool chest” which will give developers a standard way to control games via a to prevent gamers from having to reconfigure their setup when switching between games.

With all the buzz around the Steam Machines and the new Oculus Rift prototype,  2014 could be a very exciting year for PC gaming.

Source: BBC

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