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Steam Dev Days attendants share conference info on Steam Machines, controller

15 Jan 2014 by Peter Parrish
Steam Dev Days attendants share conference info on Steam Machines, controller
Steam Dev Days

Live, from sunny Seattle.

Since ’s event is closed to the press (it’s billed as an “off the record” place for developers to hang out and listen to conference chats,) there isn’t a whole lot of detail emerging from it at present. However, many of the developers attending are interpreting “off the record” as “tweet about it immediately,” which is great news for the rest of us.

Here are a few of the things to emerge from the opening pair of conferences “ in 2014″ and “The Controller.” Update: Now with proper twitter links, wuu.

For a start, every developer attending got a freebie prototype Steam controller:

And Steam Machine to fiddle about on:


In case you’re wondering what the conference rooms look like, here’s a sneaky pic:


Also, all of the conferences will apparently be put online at some point, so we’ll all be able to watch this stuff. No date given for that, though:


There’s no pressure to switch your gaming habits to the living room, if you don’t want:


doesn’t have an official launch date at present:


Apparently, Steam itself is still rather popular:


Greenlight is, like, so over, man:

There aren’t any minimum specs or certification processes for Steam Machines:


And, as expected, Valve wants music, TV and software on there too:


Valve won’t be the only company making Steam controllers:


And you’ll be seeing them sold through Steam itself, and at retail:


I don’t know what this one means, but it sounds cool:


You’ll be able to share neat controller bindings with other Steam users:


Valve is getting a lot of beta feedback about the controller, so it’ll see changes before release:


Steam will support 16 of the buggers at once.


For more Steam Dev Days tweeting, keep an eye on’s dedicated page.

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