Nether adds motorbike and hats to players’ survival needs

16 Jan 2014 by Peter Parrish
Nether adds motorbike and hats to players’ survival needs
nether hat

Did he shank someone for that Ushanka?

Hats, the key to many a game players heart, are now more widespread in sandbox survival title . You can find yourself a “Russian hat” (an Ushanka, basically) or a Motocross helmet, as well as a baseball cap and balaclava. It’s a veritable hat spectacular.

That Motocross helmet? That’s there because Nether now has a drivable motorbike in it too. And since the title seems to be about fighting for your life against eldritch horrors in a ruined city, some mode of transport may prove quite useful.

In addition to the above, the developers are adding a new group system that will allow survivors to band together in “tribes” who can see each other on the in-game map. There’s also a new in-game mission called “Escort,” involving transporting a box around the place (maybe on a motorbike, who knows.)

Nether is currently in early access. You can see some of the new additions in the trailer, below.

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