IncGamers Podcast #148

15 Jan 2014 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #148

Today on the IncGamers , a technical miracle! They (well, Maxis) said it could never be done, but will soon be playable offline. Of course it turned out quite quickly that SimCity didn’t reeeeaaally need to be online as Maxis and EA claimed, so it’s nice to have that finally recognised almost one year later.

Compared to the impossible task of making a city building title run offline, making a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V seems like a relatively trivial task. There’s more footage out there purporting to show a PC build in progress, but it is (of course) thoroughly unofficial and unverified. We discuss whether we think it’s real or not.

Elsewhere, is preparing for a VR revolution (Tim brings us exclusive details of what a log-in screen looks like in ) and have a “secret game” to announce. I hope it’s Alpha Protocol 2, but it probably isn’t.

Paul’s been slogging it out against starvation and stalkers in DayZ’s alpha build, I’ve been hoisting The Banner Saga and Tim has been … saving music, I think? … in . He almost gives us exclusive details of ’s menu screen too, but then doesn’t.

Listen to, or download, the podcast below. More podcast episodes can be found in this not-very-secret archive and at iTunes.

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