IncGamers Podcast #147

9 Jan 2014  by   Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #147podcast 147

IncGamers Podcast #147   pod147

Happy New Year, podcast listeners! May your PC gaming be forever bountiful.

This week, the IncGamers Podcast ushers in 2014 with a split show. In the first part we dedicate some time to the Steam Machine details coming out of CES 2014, and discuss whether Valve has the right idea handing manufacturing, distribution and risk to third-party companies. What is a Steam Machine, anyway? This is all just looking increasingly like a clever branding exercise to call a PC something else.

Once we’ve had our fill of hardware chat, the podcast team look forward to the game harvest of 2014. What are we looking forward to? Can we pick out any trends from the current release schedule? Who thought The Elder Scrolls Online was a good idea? And so on.

You can listen to or download the show below. Find more podcast episodes in our expansive archives, or grab a couple from iTunes.

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