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Fallout: Lanius production company shopping a new series around

8 Jan 2014 by Tim McDonald
Fallout: Lanius production company shopping a new series around

Fallout: Lanius

Last year, 20-minute crowdfunded fan-film was released onto the wilds of YouTube. Despite having no backing from a major YouTube network, they racked up 100,000 views in 24 hours, and have just broken the half-million mark.

This is quite a thing, for a fan-film that was asking for $10,000 and raised just shy of $20,000. Now, the production company that made it – – are using this as a springboard to get more ambitious projects off the ground.

The team are currently working on a “micro-short”, but more interestingly, they’re developing an unannounced new series. “We think our fans will be very excited,” commented director Wade K. Savage. “We have some interest from some major studios to make it a reality and we are currently shopping it around. It won’t be long until we lock something in.”

I’ve yet to actually watch Fallout: Lanius so I can’t really say either way whether I’m looking forward to this or not, but you can give the film a look for yourself below.

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