Europa Universalis IV trails more Conquest of Paradise

2 Jan 2014 by Peter Parrish
Europa Universalis IV trails more Conquest of Paradise
Europa Universalis IV Conquest of Paradise

Keep these guys happy, or they’ll bung all your tea in the water.

I’m rather looking forward to ’s Conquest of Paradise expansion. The base game was one of my favourites of 2013, and everything I’ve seen of this add-on makes it look like it’ll improve the colonial aspects of the title quite significantly.

Today brings a couple of videos about the expansion, the first being a basic “hey, you can pre-order this now if you like” one, with the latter offering some insight into the new Colonial States system.

Conquest of Paradise will add an (optional) randomised New World to Europa Universalis IV, along with new events and mechanics for Native American tribes and the aforementioned Colonial States stuff. It’s due on 14 January.

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