Eldevin MMO lands on Steam Greenlight

7 Jan 2014 by Paul Younger
Eldevin MMO lands on Steam GreenlightEldevin


Scottish based developer Hunted Cow Studios has just launched their Steam Greenlight campaign for their free to play MMO .

The game has been available as 3D browser based version for a while so you may have come across it previously. It’s taken Hunted Cow quite a few years to get the game out in browser form so this Steam campaign is the next stage of bringing it to more PC gamers.

The game is free to play and should tick the boxes of MMO gamers with a rich storyline, stacks of quests, over 200 talents, well you get the idea. You can try out the browser version now and if you like what you see then give the game a ‘Yes’ vote on Greenlight.

Now here’s the trailer for your visual enjoyment.

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