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Digital Storm’s Steam Machine will cost a pricey $1,899

7 Jan 2014 by Paul Younger
Digital Storm’s Steam Machine will cost a pricey $1,899

Digital Storm 1

Update: All pricing, designs and specs have now been posted for third-party Steam Machines.

There’s been a lot of news today and one that is probably not going to excite too many PC gamers looking for a budget gaming box is the Bolt II from Digital Storm

This box of tricks is a combined Windows and Steam OS machine and it’s not going to compromise on performance with an advanced thermal design. It’s not your usual small system PC, so we are being told at least, because the exact specs have not been revealed.

“We are not looking to compete with console pricing,” said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s director of product development. “We’re taking aim at the high end of the market, targeting consumers that demand the best possible gaming experience and who are looking for a PC capable of playing any title on their new 4K display.”

Little else is known about the Bolt II right now but what it sounds like you’re getting here is a high end PC in a small box with a large price tag to boot. As far as we can tell this is simply a dual boot PC and can therefore be classed as a “Steam Machine” simply because it has the Steam OS installed. We also understand that it does not come with a Steam controller.

With all the Steam Machine announcements today it really feels like the third-party manufacturers are  missing the point of what a Steam Machine should/could actually be. As I understand it, the Steam Machine should be reasonably priced and at the same time be able to handle PC games with relative ease in your living room. Think of it as a PC that’s designed like a console to attract more gamers on to the PC platform.

Simply shoving out an expensive PC in a smaller box just doesn’t make much sense for the consumer. If you really want a super high end PC, just buy one or build one yourself.

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