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Dark Souls 2 site translation sheds grossly incandescent light on things

23 Jan 2014 by Peter Parrish
Dark Souls 2 site translation sheds grossly incandescent light on thingsDark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2

That’s probably not what he meant when he said he wanted to be grossly incandescent.

added a whole load of new stuff to the Japanese language Dark Souls 2 site recently, but that’s not entirely useful for those of us not blessed with the skill to read Japanese. Luckily, helpful Reddit user “firexq” (from a long, venerable line of firexq’s) has put their language skills to great use and provided a full translation.

Some of it goes over ground that’s been previously detailed, be it in the recent trailer, screenshot extravaganza, or summary of the Dark Souls 2 covenants, but it’s good to have confirmation of some of these bits of information. I’m just happy I know how to spell Drangleic now, since that’s the setting for the sequel and all.

One item which doesn’t appear to have been mentioned previously, but is here, is the ‘Soul Vessel.’ The translated description says “A vessel where one can entrust souls by draining them from the body. If one wishes to redo every[th]ing, he should try emptying his souls into the vessel.” which, ooh, is ripe for speculation.

Is this a re-speccing tool for you to reassign souls to your stats? Or a storage device of some kind (that seems contrary to the spirit of the series, so perhaps not)? Maybe it’s referring to the Lord Vessel from the original title.

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