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Dark Souls 2 to include six player-designed shields

29 Jan 2014 by Tim McDonald
Dark Souls 2 to include six player-designed shields

dark souls gaben

Last year, ran a competition for players to design shields that would be incorporated into . The winners are now being announced, with four of the six revealed, complete with in-game screenshots of how they look.

The four revealed thus far are Sunlight Warrior Dark (added as Sunlight Parma), Great Shield of the Raven Goddess (added as Rebel’s Greatshield), Shield of Ash (added as Phoenix Parma), and Guardian Shield (added as Wicked Eye Greatshield). The creators are Denis “DasHurz” Bachmaier, Charles Collier, Illim, Gabriel Verdon, and Alexandre Etiennes Jonathan Du Cass. Only five names, but Gabriel Verdon is responsible for two shields.

Excellently, other than receiving a copy of the Dark Souls 2 Collector’s Edition for their troubles, each of the designers will also receive a real shield based on their design. The last two shields are due to be revealed on 31 January.

Unfortunately, I’m going to assume that the shield depicted above is not one of the ones chosen. Should totally be a PC-exclusive one, though.

Have a gander at the screenshots below to see some more of Dark Souls 2, as well as these shields in action.

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