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Archive for 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass trailer has surprising lack of dogs

Call of Duty: Ghosts, you’ve let me down. Well, I mean, the game let pretty much everybody down on PC, but this is a new type of letting me down.

19 Dec 2013 | 1

Arma 3 in VR demonstrated with the Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith are back with a new demonstration of their VR treadmill, the Cyberlith Virtualizer.

19 Dec 2013 | 1

Winter Steam Sale begins, wallets weep terrified tears

And lo! The winds howled, the seas swirled, the ground shook, and the heavens cracked open.

19 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Green Man Gaming Christmas sale begins with the opening of Dealsford

It’s totally Christmas. You can tell, because the big digital retailers are beginning their annual sales.

19 Dec 2013 | 2

The Secret World’s Christmas event sends players to Niflheim

Denizens of The Secret World get Christmas too, you know, but theirs is less full of jolly fat men and presents and family arguments, and more full of snow and death and satyr-beasts scouring the land for naughty people to punish.

19 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Sniper Elite 3 shoots out a trailer and screenshot

Rebellion have released a pretty trailer and a screenshot for their forthcoming Africa-based scope-’em-up Sniper Elite 3.

19 Dec 2013 | 1

Dota 2 wants submissions for Year of the Horse event

Wraith-Night is underway, but Valve aren’t resting on their (Christmas) laurels.

19 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

AMD Mantle demonstration shows lots of ships

With the help of Oxide Games, AMD has released a presentation showing the benefits of the AMD Mantle API.

19 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 1 – All That Remains Review

This review contains at least one honking great spoiler for The Walking Dead Season 1.

19 Dec 2013 | 1

DayZ Standalone security vulnerability fixed but all characters wiped

DayZ Standalone has got off to a flying start with 172,500 copies sold of the alpha version which just launched on Steam.

19 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Jay Mohr teases a return to Saints Row

File this one under “fairly interesting”: actor/comedian/radio host/gamer/BlizzCon host Jay Mohr has Tweeted that he’s doing some voice work for an upcoming Saints Row project, and he’s posted up a picture of the recording booth as proof.

19 Dec 2013 | 1

Freedom Cry DLC rollout for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag botched on PC

As we reported yesterday, the Freedom Cry DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was delayed on the PC.

18 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Steam VR category added to listings

There won’t be that many gamers with an Oculus Rift or a VR device of any sort but Valve are keen to show which games support VR on Steam with a new category.

18 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Starbound Preview

Start as you mean to go on, they say. In Starbound that can only really mean “randomly”, and if I’m going to start anywhere, it’s going to be at character creation.

18 Dec 2013 | 4

Strike Vector gets impressive beta trailer

The upcoming first/third person multiplayer shooter called Strike Vector will be released early next year on Steam and today a new trailer was released to highlight the fact a beta test is coming.

18 Dec 2013 | 2

Rumble Entertainment’s Kings Road ARPG launches in Europe today

You  may not have heard of Kings Road so I’ll fill you in briefly.

18 Dec 2013 | 2

Might & Magic X Legacy to launch on 23 January

Developers Limbic Entertainment and Ubisoft have announced that Might & Magic X Legacy will be released on 23 January.

18 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Football Manager 2014 update 14.2.0 brings more match engine changes

We’re not even in the January transfer window yet, but Sports Interactive has issued a promising new talent called Update 14.2.0 to Football Manager 2014.

18 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

New Shadow Warrior survival mode sees if Wang can hold his own

Good news, everyone: if you’ve thrust Wang all the way through Shadow Warrior‘s campaign but remain hungry for more Wang, the brand new survival mode will give you the chance to play with your Wang all night long.

18 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Queen of the Beggars detailed in new Thief: Stories from the City vid

Peter and I have been watching the continuing development of Thief with a level of sick fascination not entirely unlike that you might have upon witnessing a car crash.

18 Dec 2013 | 1