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Steam Winter Sale 2013 Day 2 – The IncGamers Picks

20 Dec 2013 by Peter Parrish
Steam Winter Sale 2013 Day 2 – The IncGamers Picks
Far Cry 3 (5)

Rarr! Sell me your Winter Sale snowglobes.

It’s day two of Big Gaben’s Warehouse Giveaways (aka: the Steam Winter Sale,) come admire a figurative room packed to the rafters with cheap games.

You can pick up Far Cry 3 for $7.50, the last properly working Total War game (Shogun 2) for the same price, and the mighty Train Simulator 2014 for just shy of $10.00. Or how about Fez for $2.50? Crysis 2 Maximum Edition for $7.50? There’s plenty to go around. Load up, Gaben has games for all.

I have no idea how good Music Creator 6 is in the role of creating music, but it’s $17.00 in the current Flash deal. That doesn’t count as a game? Okay, fine, how about 50% off Dragon Commander ($20.00) instead. Eve Online can be yours for a paltry $2.00 as well.

Now, and for the next seven and a half hours, Hard Reset ($2.25) is the Community Choice. Some of yesterday’s bigger deals are revisited near the bottom of the page, too.

Standard Steamy Sale Advice: Wait for games you are interested in to show up in Daily Deals or Flash Deals. Those knock the most money off. The sale runs to 3 January, so there’s plenty of time for the title of your dreams to show up at a price that appeals.

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