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Steam Autumn Sale Day 6: The IncGamers Picks

2 Dec 2013 by Peter Parrish
Steam Autumn Sale Day 6: The IncGamers Picks
Shadow Warrior - 39

You’ve made a real mess of that snow.

Before I’d refreshed the page, the Steam sale looked a bit underwhelming today. Nobody seemed to be offering anything more than 50% off, for games that weren’t exactly new. Then I did refresh the store and a whole load of 75% off and higher popped up.

There’s a clear and prevailing call for people to play with their Wang in ($10.00) because that joke is definitely not old yet. Definitely not. If you’d rather manipulate entire countries, then may I recommend at $20.00. It’s not like the older ones, you can actually understand it now (mostly.) If you actually want a game to confuse you, The Stanley Parable ($9.00) is a more attractive offer.

is going cheap again at $10.00, and the ever-popular Garry’s Mod can be snagged for just $3.00 today as well. Not to be confused with that other game with Garry in the title, because that one was reportedly a bit rubbish.

Over in the Flash (ahhhh) Deals, Brutal Legend at $2.00 looks pretty fine. As does the ULTIMATE (caps mandatory) edition of Dragon Age Origins for $7.50.

Inevitable Tip: Wait for a Daily or Flash deal on a game you might be interested in. They’re always more money off. That said, the sale ends tomorrow so unless something shows up as a repeat deal on 3 December there isn’t much time left.

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