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Steam Autumn Sale Day 5: The IncGamers Picks

1 Dec 2013 by Peter Parrish
Steam Autumn Sale Day 5: The IncGamers Pickspayday 2

Payday 2 - 01

Don’t shoot me in the face please.

Hello. Do you like SHOOTING THINGS in the FACE? Well, this is a past-time that caters for just such a predilection, so it’s no surprise to see quite a few titles along those lines in today’s Steam sale offerings.

You can shoot people in the face on an island in ($7.50,) maybe shoot people in the face in some Russian subways during ($13.50) or, best of all, fight THE MAN by shooting every policeman in a twenty mile radius in the face as part of a heist in ($13.50). Portal 2 doesn’t have any face-shooting, but it is in first-person and is also quite good. Everybody owns Portal 2 though, right? If not, it’s $5.00 today.

Elsewhere, it’s possible to get in early on Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us at $17.00 for the full ‘season’ (only episode one is out at the moment though,) or take over the entire world in Civilisation V ($7.50). The Civ V expansions all have a fair bit of money off them too.

The Flash Deals include good old, dependable Just Cause 2 for $3.00 and Rocksmith 2014 for $40.00 (well hey, it is pretty new.) Make sure you have all the guitar cable/adapter paraphernalia you need for Rocksmith before buying that one.

Steamy Tips: Wait for a Daily or Flash deal on any games you’re interested in. It makes them cheaper. The sale runs until 3 December and the final day will almost certainly feature a lot of repeat offers.

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