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Path of Exile 1.0.3 scheduled for 11 December bringing more new content

2 Dec 2013 by Paul Younger
Path of Exile 1.0.3 scheduled for 11 December bringing more new contentPath of Exile

Path of Exile

is expected to receive the 1.0.3 update on 11 December according to an update from Grinding Gear Games.

The v1.0.3  update will be preceded by a 1.0.2b patch which “improves some areas of 1.0.2″. As far as the 1.0.3 update is concerned, there’s more new content to be enjoyed including a new skill called Barrage, new uniques, achievements, recipes and even improved impact sounds. Here’s some tentative update notes with the key features.

  • New Skill: Barrage – a bow/wand skill.
  • New Uniques: There are several new Unique items, and we’re hoping at least one of them will be another Map.
  • New Achievements: There are two coming in 1.0.3.
  • Vendor Recipes: We’ve added a few more recipes. Some of these are very appropriate for racers.
  • New microtransactions: We have three in the works. I’m hoping the Storm Call one will be ready in time :)
  • Updated combat impact sounds!
  • Passive skills to support degeneration and chaos damage skills.

Path of Exile has been a enjoying a busy weekend where it made the top ten played games list on Steam as the service smashed through its concurrent peak user record.

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