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League of Legends gets Astro A30 headset for crystal-clear voice screaming

10 Dec 2013 by Paul Younger
League of Legends gets Astro A30 headset for crystal-clear voice screamingLeague of Legends

League of Legends

I really don’t care what’s on my headphones, in fact the pair I am wearing right now are actually broken and put back together with a metal bracket for putting up shelves and some screws. Only the best at IncGamers.

If on the other hand you need shiny new headphones and love then the new Astro A30 headset may be worth a look. Not that I can vouch for their performance at this point.

This special edition of the A30 comes with two sets of magnetically interchangeable ASTRO Speaker Tags featuring League of Legends and Riot Games art, and a redemption code for the champion Tristana and her Rocket Girl skin. Astro also say that there are a further three “tag sets” on the way which include champions Tryndamere, Miss Fortune, and Morgana.

The headset also comes with a limited edition box, which is rather pointless unless you buy them and leave them in the box to stare at. These probably wont help you win every match, but if the blurb is anything to go by, you will be able to hear other players screaming at you quite clearly.

Love League of Legends? These could be the ones for you although they are pricey at $99.99. They certainly look better than the pair I’m wearing right now.

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