IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #145

18 Dec 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #145podcast 145

IncGamers Podcast

‘Twas the penultimate IncGamers  before Christmas, and all around the house, PCs were gaming, with keyboard and mouse. But since it’s not actually Christmas yet, let’s forget all about that and move on to the important issues. Like “who is the fittest games writer out there”?

Tim is determined that, by next year, it will be him. The will be following his training program closely, but also probably discussing some PC-related gaming and news.

Like Wraith-Night! The annual cancellation of Frostivus has occurred and now Skeleton King is … doing a thing. Tim explains.

In other news, the company has sent out 300 Steam Machines into the wilds of North America. We’ve seen footage of them in action, and have reached the conclusion that they are PCs. Yes. Amazing insight.

Elsewhere, rumblings about Fallout 4 persist (it’s confirmed 100% real hoax that’s real) and Ubisoft manage to delay something on PC for old time’s sake. Thanks, Ubisoft!

Paul managed to play a bit of until hanging around a children’s playground made him feel ill (his words, not mine,) I’ve been playing The Banner Saga and Tim played all of the games but mostly Dota 2.

Watch, listen to, download, stream or ignore (don’t ignore!) the podcast and vidcast, below. You can find more podcast goodness in our archives and a few audio versions at iTunes.

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