IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #144

11 Dec 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #144podcast 144

incgamers podcast 144

Everybody else has an opinion on the event, so we may as well weigh in too. Yes, this week the team attempt to decide precisely which part of the VGX show was most embarrassing or awkward. Understandably, this takes some time.

After discussing the event itself, we spend some time on the many, many exclusive new games that were … oh, well, we talk about Telltale and No Man’s Sky anyway. Is Hello Games’ madly ambitious space exploration title another opportunity for the to bring up Peter Molyneux? You bet it is.

In other news, did indeed turn out to be a very elaborate Fallout 4 hoax and has gone a bit (more) nuts about copyright policy.

This week, Peter has embarking on a Brutal Reduxe with and Tim has run away from acid-spitting birds in .

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