IncGamers Podcast #146 – 2013 Review

27 Dec 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #146 – 2013 Review

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Ho Ho H … wait, it’s too late for that. Yes, this Boxing Day-recorded is nestling quietly in the mysterious limbo zone between Christmas and New Year.

In it, the team that you know and love chat about developments in PC gaming and technology from 2013. Well, the ones we can remember, anyway. We’re still quite tired from Christmas, so bear with us.

How has the continued growth of ‘’ and similar systems affected the way players and journalists approach games? Will the be the big breakthrough in virtual reality that it’s threatening to become? Could we think the unthinkable and dream the undreamable to bring back Craig Charles’ Cyberzone?

We can only hope.

Listen to (or download) the podcast, below. Or hunt about for previous episodes in our archives. You can even find a few podcasts over at iTunes.

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