IncGamers Podcast #143 feat. Arthur Bruno

4 Dec 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #143 feat. Arthur BrunoPodcast 143

IncGamers Podcast

Stick around for the latter half of this week’s IncGamers to hear a few minutes of an upcoming interview with ’s . He chats to Paul about the latest developments with the game and what’s still to come in future.

Before that, the podcast team agonise a little more over the site and what it all means (man) for . We also talk about the Ashes Cricket 2013 disaster, EA’s trademarking of Desert Strike and embark on a strange Warhammer tangent which ends with slagging off developers for five or ten minutes. All good, clean fun.

This week, Tim has played (or part one of it, at least,) Paul has spent time in the skies with World of Warplanes and time on the ground with Grim Dawn and I’ve developed a strange fondness for RVs thanks to State of Decay: Breakdown.

You can immerse yourself in the wonder of the podcast, below. More podcast episodes can be found in the depths of the IncGamers archives, and a few can be heard over at iTunes. We have also decided to pop up a video version this week so if you like it let us know.

Listen the full uncut audio version below.

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