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The Banner Saga video teaches you how to hit people

5 Dec 2013 by Tim McDonald
The Banner Saga video teaches you how to hit people

The Banner Saga - 08

Viking fans! , a tactical RPG in which burly Norseman-lookalikes take turns bashing each other in the face, is due out in January. But what’s the best way to bash each other in the face? That’s an important question which this video hopes to answer.

This four minute video offers some info on how stats work, the difference between a battle and a war, and the importance of using willpower to boost your attacks or give yourself extra movement in combat. It looks rather neat, and I don’t just mean graphically – I rather like the idea of having Strength represent both your health and your damage, at the same time. At least, assuming I understand it correctly. Which is quite a big assumption, now that I think about it.

If you want to tell me I’m horribly wrong and a big stupid, you’re free to do so after watching the video below. The Banner Saga is due out from the ex-BioWare types at Stoic Studio on 14 January.

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