Xploration: X Rebirth shows off the long range scanner

7 Nov 2013 by Peter Parrish
Xploration: X Rebirth shows off the long range scanner
X Rebirth3 - Incgamers

You probably won’t need a scanner to spot something of this size.

The main player ship in will come with a long range scanning system, for those embarrassing moments when you drop your space-keys out of the window and they drift off into an asteroid field somewhere. It’s probably going to be useful for finding other things too, like cargo pick-ups and maybe (once your scanner is upgraded) some even more secretive space items.

This latest video from demonstrates how the scanner works. It alters your HUD to show various distant items, which each issue a kind of space-echo. Different types of item will have different effects (which you might only be able to discern with an improved scanner,) and the trailer describes the mini-game process of locating objects in the galaxy.

You can see for yourself in the trailer below. By chance, we’ve just put up a Q&A with Egosoft’s Bernd Lehahn all about X Rebirth, so you might want to have a read of that.

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