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VGAs now the VGX – Coming 7 December

15 Nov 2013 by Paul Younger
VGAs now the VGX – Coming 7 Decembervgx


The annual VGA awards in the US which are hosted by Spike TV are getting a rebrand this year.

Every year the great and good from the world of vidogames assemble to dish out and receive awards at the VGAs in the US. The event is usually accompanied by some pretty cringe-worthy celebrity appearances, and well it’s usually a bit painful to endure. On the plus side there are ususally a few game reveals so that’s something at least.

This year it’s being rebranded and will be called the according to host Jeff Keighley who hit Twitter to share the news. The event will take place on 7 December and more details are set to follow in the days ahead.

If I remember correctly the IncGamers team tuned in last year with a live vidcast to discuss the event which basically turned into a drinking-fest with Tim eventually falling off his chair after downing a bottle of vodka. It was certainly a more entertaining way to watch the event.

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