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Steam Autumn Sale Day 2: The IncGamers Picks

28 Nov 2013 by Peter Parrish
Steam Autumn Sale Day 2: The IncGamers Picks
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (1)

The Dark Souls experience.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition costs just $6.00 today, hurrah! Except wait, before you try to fight the store into selling that to you, be aware that Games for Windows Live will be shutting down in March next year and that Dark Souls uses it for multiplayer. At present, there isn’t any kind of contingency plan in place for when that happens, so the worst case scenario is that multiplayer stops working altogether.

That would be rubbish, because even the flaky peer-to-peer multiplayer on PC is great and adds a huge amount to the game. So do be aware of that.

In other Daily Deals today, you can pick up XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $10.00 and Papers, Please for $5.00. Though in the case of XCOM you might want to wait a while until they bundle it up with the Enemy Within expansion and sell that cheap too.

The eight hour Flash deals right now include the superb System Shock 2 for the silly price of $2.50, and Sanctum 2 for an almost as silly $3.00.

Usual Disclaimer: Always wait for a game you’re interested in to go on a Daily Deal if you can. The Flash sales tend to be the lowest price you’ll see too. If a game is just in a general “money off for the whole sale period” area, it may be worth a wait.

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