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Scribblenauts Facebook page leaks next Humble Bundle

5 Nov 2013 by Tim McDonald
Scribblenauts Facebook page leaks next Humble Bundle

humble wb games

Oopsy. The Scribblenauts Facebook page has been updated with an image detailing part of a forthcoming and claiming you can get it now… but said hasn’t actually gone live yet.

The image (which you can see above) and associated text claims that the bundle will be a Humble Bundle, offering and five other WB Games titles. This bundle appears to be associated with DC’s We Can Be Heroes charity thing, which I think supports Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, and the Mercy Corps. As such, your money will likely be going to those organisations.

The most recent main Humble Bundle – the PC and Android 7 bundle – ended recently, so I expect this will be replacing that sometime later today. And for what it’s worth, despite finding Scribblenauts a disappointment, I actually really like Scribblenauts Unlimited. This bundle might well be worth the price for that alone.

Thanks to perennial news-tipper Johnny Bravo for this one.

Update: Thanks to Humble uploading their video for this a little too soon, we now know the games in the bundle will be as follows: FEAR 2, F3AR, Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition and Lord of the Rings: War in the North. The ‘beat the average’ games will be Scribblenauts Unlimited and Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition.

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