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Path of Exile connectivity issues resolved

4 Nov 2013 by Paul Younger
Path of Exile connectivity issues resolvedPath of Exile

Path of Exile

Path of Exile launched just over a week ago, and while the launch went considerably smoother than most, there has been some disconnection issues.

Today Grinding Gear Games has shared some usage statistics with the community to reassure them that the connectivity issues have now been resolved. Two graphs illustrate the difference in connectivity over a ten hour period.

The top graph shows the connectivity problems with the dipping spikes showing disconnections. The bottom graph shows the connection drops have been resolved. Hoorah!

Path of Exile connectivity

Path of Exile connectivity

The bottom graph shows that the ARPG is now handling 50k-60k concurrent players without any problems so things are settling down nicely.

CEO Chris Wilson also points out that these graphs only show the connectivity problems and he says they are still working on the combat sync issues. With any luck they can finally nail the sync problems as they can be annoying.

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