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InSomnia Kickstarter cancelled by Studio Mono – Returning next year

15 Nov 2013 by Paul Younger
InSomnia Kickstarter cancelled by Studio Mono – Returning next yearinsomnia


Studio Mono who were in the process of crowd funding their “tactical co-op RPG” called have decided to pull the campaign from Kickstarter.

The studio issued a statement today which explains that they’ve failed to explain the game fully to potential supporters which is a common problem with videogame Kickstarters. The statement reads:

“We have received great feedback and support for the project (and a massive thank-you to everyone that has already backed us), but it soon became apparent based on that feedback that there were key components in our campaign that we had overlooked, that we needed to reveal a lot more about certain aspects of the game and to ultimately provide a much better explanation of what InSomnia is and what it is not. For example, a lot of people took from the Kickstarter page that is some sort of modern MMORPG which is not the case. This was obviously our fault. So, based on this we have taken the difficult decision to bring the campaign to a halt. Our focus over the next few months will be on the copywriting and further developing the game itself before we return at the end of January with a much better campaign.”

It’s now time for the team to regroup and they expect to be back with a “better campaign” at the start of next year. The game had managed to raise $5,162 of the $70,000 they were looking for with the campaign closing on 25 December. Probably quite a wise move to shelve this for now.

The game was being described as a tactical “co-operative online role-playing game” so you can see where there could have been some confusion.

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