IncGamers Podcast #142

27 Nov 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #142


This week’s is recorded inside a nuclear fallout shelter, in which the team are frantically trying to learn Morse code in order to keep up with the strange Fallout 4 alternative reality game that is/seems to be going on at the moment. Is there going to be another Fallout game? Inevitably, yes, because they are successful and make money for Bethesda.

Is that next Fallout game about to be announced? Well, that’s harder to answer. But we try anyway.

Elsewhere, leaves id Software bereft of founding members to set up with Oculus Rift full time (he was kind of already full time at Oculus, so now he’s … fuller time, I guess.) might be getting into the market too, with news that a prototype headset will be on show in January. Of course they’re also busy with Steam Machines and In-Home Streaming and everything that isn’t developing games (except DOTA 2,) so who knows where that will end up.

Also, won’t exist any more. Here at the podcast, we didn’t really know it was still going, and we write about PC games for a living. Maybe that was the problem the series was having.

This week, I’m recovering from the trauma of having to play and Paul recounts his attempts to shoe the criminal elements from Tim’s side of the tracks away from his futuristic buildings in .

You can listen to and download the podcast, below. Other podcast episodes can be heard in our own archives and at the shiny white software nightmare that is iTunes.

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