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IncGamers Podcast #140

14 Nov 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #140


Sorry for the delay on this week’s everyone, it was necessary to send in an elite squad to pull Tim out of the matrix.

Yes, Tim has been VR-ing it up for the last 24 hours (maybe all of them,) so he’s ready, willing and able to push through the pain of his atrophying limbs and give us some impressions of the device. I don’t mean he’s going to pretend to be an Oculus Rift, I mean he’s going to tell us about what it’s like to use one. In case that wasn’t clear.

Before that, the podcast team goes over the highlights from BlizzCon, asks whether Valve’s rubbish handling of Diretide will make any difference whatsoever to the community, explore word that EA pushed DICE to get Battlefield 4 out early and consider whether Monolith have gone “full Molyneux” with their ideas for unique, named enemies in the newly-announced .

After that, Peter rambles on about BioShock Infinite’s first chapter of Burial at Sea and the chaotic zombie survival in .

Stream or download the podcast, below. You can find more podcast episodes in our amazing archive, or a handful over at iTunes.

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