IncGamers Podcast #139

6 Nov 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #139incgamers podcast

incgamers podcast

For better or worse the Incgamers ┬áis largely focused on this week. The team discuss the hard-lock on the game’s 6GB of RAM requirement, as well as a similar lock on the FOV (and Activision’s heavy legal response to an unofficial fix.) Tim and Paul have been playing the co-op Extinction mode, and Tim has also dabbled in both the single and multiplayer sides of the game.

Is the fish AI really revolutionary? Is controlling a dog by remote control a bit weird? Has Paul got over his CoD-induced fear of being trapped in wardrobes? All of these questions, and more, will (mostly) be answered.

isn’t getting away from the PC eye of scorn either, as the podcast ponders another rubbish launch on our platform of choice. Elsewhere, the community make their desire for more Diretide well and truly known and Peter gets excited for a randomised New World in .

Stream the podcast below, or download it to save for later. You can find older podcast episodes in our archives and a scattering of them at iTunes.

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