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Holy cow: Professional Farmer 2014 out now

28 Nov 2013 by Tim McDonald
Holy cow: Professional Farmer 2014 out now

professional farmer 2014

For some reason, this week is a bit sparse on big releases. Hooray for the German , then, who’ve bucked the trend by releasing the long-awaited .

Professional Farmer 2014 puts you in command of a farm, which are renowned worldwide as seething hotbeds of intrigue. You’ll have to manage that farm, cultivate fields, plant crops, deal with animal husbandry, and – of course – buy and sell crops via the local farmer’s market to survive. As you progress you’ll acquire new fields, animals, vehicles, buildings, and have to decide whether to specialise your farming or to try your hand at everything. What do you do? What do you do?

In a shocking first for agriculture-themed simulators, Professional Farmer 2014 features seasons and crop rotation. Other than the yearly planning demanded by this game-changing feature, you can expect a campaign mode full of missions, a sandbox mode letting you build a farm your way, and “countless original tractors.” You can drive the tractors, by the way. I should probably have mentioned that.

It’ll cost you £14.99 on Steam right now. Alternatively, you can opt for the £24.99 Collector’s Edition which will also net you copies of strategy game Farming Giant and historical farming simulator Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming, as well as Professional Farmer 2014‘s Good Ol’ Times DLC. That DLC will be out on 5 December, and will offer you seven historical tractor models.

If you’re not sold for some reason, you can have a gander at a trailer over here. I fully expect user-made dubstep-heavy trailers within a week, though.

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