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Fallout 4 teaser site gets new Morse code clue for 27 November

27 Nov 2013 by Peter Parrish
Fallout 4 teaser site gets new Morse code clue for 27 November
Fallout - Oscar Zulu

Kind of running out of relevant images to use with these stories, to be honest.

Update 28/11/2013: EU trademark filing was a fake

Yes, this is still very much happening. Got to hand it to whoever is behind this site, they’re regular with their updates (unless it’s an automated process, I guess.) As usual I’m going to toss out a disclaimer about the thoroughly unconfirmed nature of this teaser campaign. There’s evidence either way for whether it’s legitimate, but it’s very obvious that it does relate to a Fallout 4 – real or imagined.

Today’s update is yet another Morse code change, already decoded by a team of what must by now be Morse code experts over at r/Fallout. Maybe this is the true purpose behind the site; to bring back Morse code in popular culture. The code reads as follows:


Which translates as something close to:

Calling any station, Calling any station, Calling any station. Boston is gone, repeat, Boston is gone. No Hope. Frequency 3450 Return Transmission. Goodbye America.

Doesn’t sound great for Boston, in other words. If you’ve missed what’s gone on prior to this series of  updates, here’s a round-up.

We discuss the Fallout teasers in today’s Podcast so feel free to check it out.

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