The Watch Dogs PC specs won’t be that demanding after all

3 Oct 2013 by Tim McDonald
The Watch Dogs PC specs won’t be that demanding after all
watch dogs

In fairness, you’d probably need eight cores to run that many monitors and record that many changing rooms at once.

Update: Err, it turns out maybe the specs are still demanding.

Remember those Watch Dogs PC specs yesterday, which were a bit steep, and resulted in smug comments from arseholes saying things like “I think I’m actually pretty close to the ultra specs”? Oh, that was me. Um. Anyway! It turns out that those PC specs may not actually be the PC specs after all, despite being on ’s store page.

This happy news comes from a Tweet by Sebastien Viard, the graphics technical director on . He Tweeted: “Hello. Ce ne sont pas les configs officielles. Les vraies specs sortiront bientôt et seront moins élevées que celles-ci :)” Which is all French to me.

Fortunately, Twitter has an in-built translator, which converts this into: “Hello. It is not the official configs. The real specs will come out soon and will be lower than these :)”

This certainly implies that yesterday’s specs – which recommended a 2GB DX11 video card, 8GB of RAM, and eight CPU cores – may actually be a little too high. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to IncGamers reader and perennial news-tipper-offer Johnny Bravo for the tip.

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