Unknown Worlds planning new game – Natural Selection 2 funding continues

1 Oct 2013  by   Paul Younger
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Natural Selection 2

Unknown Worlds, the developer behind the popular Natural Selection 2 team-based FPS, has revealed they’re about to start work on their next project.

While funding continues through their Natural Selection 2 Reinforcement programme, which has so far raised 150,000 USD, the development team at the studio will now be split between Natural Selection 2 and the unnamed project. The Reinforcement funding is also set to continue to help future development of the FPS.

They added on their latest development update:

“Therefore, we have taken a a momentous decision. As of September 24th 2013, UWE is no longer wholly and only devoted to full time development of NS2. Don’t panic though – That is not the same thing as ‘NS2 development has stopped!”

“What it does mean is that alongside continued NS2 development, improvement, and love – We are starting to explore new projects. NS built UWE – NS being both the game itself and you its players. We consider each and every one of you part of this company. You are the most cherished part of this studio.

“Now we are stepping into the great unknown – In directions that may or may not involve NS, things that may involve game-play the world has never seen. We ask you to come with us – Safe in the knowledge that we will never forget what put us here, that we will never abandon NS, and looking to a future in which we all together visit more unknown worlds.”

Unknown Worlds sound concerned about making the announcement but these are reassuring comments and the NS2 community will hopefully be supported long into the future.

NS2 is a cracking FPS, and although we have no idea what’s next from the development team, if it’s just as entertaining as Ns2 it’s worth keeping a close eye on.

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