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More Path of Exile release details – The Scion class, Steam support, PvP and more

4 Oct 2013 by Paul Younger
More Path of Exile release details – The Scion class, Steam support, PvP and morePath of Exile

Path of Exile

As we reported back on 6 September, there’s plenty to cheer about if you’ve been playing Grinding Gear Games ARPG  and are looking forward to the release on 23 October.

The GGG team have been busy demoing the game prior to release and revealed the new character class the Scion. Daughter of corrupt nobles, she’s been exiled to Wraeclast along with the other unruly band of characters already in the game. GGG’s Chris Wilson describes her as a strength, dexterity and intelligence based  character that sits right in the middle of their insane passive skill tree. She’s also not available to play right away, she has to be unlocked by finding her in the game world somewhere at the end of normal difficulty.

The Scion has been locked to new players because she’s a more complex character to master due to her positioning in the passives tree. With so many path options spanning form the centre, it’s not going to be easy to specialise in particular thing so some tough choices have to be made when creating a Scion build.

Along with the new class are new game features including support gems called trigger gems with which there’s a % chance it will trigger the other gems placed along side it in an item. Think of them as a kind of macro so that you don’t have to handle each gem effect individually.

POE players can also look forward to the continuation of Act 3 with new areas, a new boss, new PvP modes including capture the flag and hour long PvP tournaments, and finally guild support with shared stashes and a command hierarchy to make guild management easier.

Last but by no means least, but you knew already this because we told you in September, the game will be released on Steam.

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