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Load up: Battlefield 4 can be preloaded in Europe

28 Oct 2013 by Peter Parrish
Load up: Battlefield 4 can be preloaded in Europe
Battlefield 4 - 11

I can almost see the preload from here.

and and the myriad other publishing and PR arms involved with the production of have announced that if you’ve pre-ordered the game through Origin in Europe then preloading begins RIGHT NOW. Actually probably a few hours ago.

We know this because the Battlefield twitter account has said so, and because Tim is pretty sure that his copy is preloading right now.

Of course you won’t actually be able to play Battlefield 4 yet, but you will at least be able to look at it sat in your game library and dream about what it’ll be like to play when its released on (in Europe at least,) 31 October, and 1 November in the UK.

Here’s the full release schedule, since this regional nonsense is a bit confusing really.

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