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IncGamers Plays F1 2013 multiplayer

1 Oct 2013 by Paul Younger
IncGamers Plays F1 2013 multiplayer
F1 2013

This can’t be us, because they’re both on the track.

While Peter polishes up his review for this week, he and I decided to do some laps in the multiplayer. After farting around off-camera with all the driving assists switched off, we decided to turn most of them back on again. It was the only way a race was ever going to be completed.

Peter’s been playing the game for quite some time, while I on the other hand have only completed a few laps. He may also spread some vicious rumours claimed that I cheated, but there was actually a technical malfunction in the car. It was this that caused all the ramming. Unfortunately the race stewards didn’t see it that way and … took some action. In short, I was robbed of the IncGamers F1 2013 title.

Want to see how the multiplayer works? Want to watch some terrible driving? Hit the play button now…

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