IncGamers Podcast #137 feat. Chris Wilson

23 Oct 2013  by   Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #137 feat. Chris Wilson

IncGamers Podcast #137

Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson joins the IncGamers Podcast team to chat about Path of Exile as part of the game’s launch week as the studio gets ready to launch the game today. Where is he sleeping? What is he eating? All these important questions and more are answered.

Before you get to that part though, you’ll have to sit through the usual nonsense about PC gaming news.

That can only mean discussion of the Day One: Garry’s Incident incident, and the broader topic of YouTube/Google’s approach to copyright claims. Very much a case of taking the total biscuit, there.

Tim does valient battle with sleep to tell us about the major 6.79 patch for DOTA 2, and Peter has news of some forthcoming expansions for Europa Universalis IV.

Another week brings another clue for GTA V on PC, while elsewhere Nvidia have gone all tech-conscious about V-sync and the Oculus Rift is still trying to prevent motion sickness.

Game-chat this week deals with Dark Souls, Rocksmith 2014 and the daunting Dominions 4.

Listen directly to the podcast, below. Or download it. Or decide you’d rather listen to some older episodes in our archives or at iTunes. It’s really up to you.

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