IncGamers Podcast #136

16 Oct 2013 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #136

incgamers podcast #136

The  team are sad to learn that Ubisoft has ruined Tim’s birthday by moving the release of to the spring. This is almost certainly exactly the same as if they had come around to his house and stamped on a birthday cake.

Still, at least Tim has the mind-bending to keep him occupied, as well as the prospect of a cut-price way to get hold of the director’s cut.

I guess did some stuff this week too. Just for a change.

This week, Tim’s been wolfing his way through Telltale’s opening episode of , Paul has attempted to multiplayer his way through and Peter has found that Smugglers V works quite nicely on a holiday laptop.

Listen to the latest podcast, below. You can find previous podcast episodes in our archive and at iTunes.

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