GOG.com reckons it’s time for a point-and-click weekend

18 Oct 2013 by Tim McDonald
GOG.com reckons it’s time for a point-and-click weekend
The Critter Chronicles (4)

The Critter Chronicles? $7.99 to you, squire.

.com seems to think that this weekend is a perfect time to play some point-and-click adventures, judging by the sale they’ve currently got on, and I can’t say I disagree.

This weekend, they’ve put 16 adventure games – with levels of quality ranging from “wow” to “I’m glad I forgot that existed” – on sale for 60% off. Well: 15 adventure games and Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition. No, GOG, that is not an adventure game. That is a platformer which causes more instant and unexpected death than a hayfeverish firing squad stationed in a botanical garden.

Anyway. Other than that game, you can get your hands on:

And Another World, obviously. I feel bad about not putting it in that list, so it can have this paragraph to itself.

There’s a fair mix in there, with prices ranging from $2.39 right the way up to $11.99. I’d highly recommend both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, obviously. The 7th Guest is still slightly creepy but is mostly now worth it for both cheap laughs, unfair puzzles, and being allowed to say “Wait, they charged £70 for this when it first came out?” The Book of Unwritten Tales games are pretty decent, and several friends of mine would murder me if I didn’t recommend the I-still-haven’t-played-these Machinarium Collector’s Edition and To the Moon. Aaaand I haven’t tried most of the others, although I’d probably caution you away from The 11th Hour.

Have a gander at the sale page over on GOG.com here. You’ve got a few days to make up your mind if you want anything.

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